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These are my free songs. You can download the songs by clicking on the arrow, or you can open a player (HTML5 audio) by clicking on "...". You are allowed to broadcast these songs or use them in your DJ sets. You are NOT allowed to use the songs or parts of it in your own productions (contact me for remixes) or publish them under another name than JayB. All songs are copyrighted by JayB and / or their original composers. And now enjoy the music!

The Anthem (Club Mix)Anthem TranceDownload: Download song
This Song was actually just a test song for some new sounds of my Sirius. But the melody brought so good responses that I decided to make a longer, more powerful version of it. Many elements are taken from the original version, but sounds were changed, so this time the lead sound is played by my AN1x.
It's a quite loud and powerful track, maybe not my best one, but still worth playing on a party. And still the melody is great. ^^
08:2818 Feb '07
Tempo: 138
Key: d Minor
Downloads: 3290
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I can't get enough... gimme all of it!
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